It’s easy to see why bob hairstyles for black women are so popular. After all, they are extremely stylish and versatile cuts that will look good on all face shapes. You can go for anything from a short pixie bob to an asymmetrical one, a lob and everything else in between.

1. Natural Bob Hairstyle

Despite the fact that the most popular bob hairstyles for black women usually involve weaves, wigs, or extensions in general, we want to start with a natural alternative. If you grow out your natural curls, you can easily trim them in an angled bob.

2. Short Bob Haircuts

For a fresh new look, why not chop your locks? Long bobs are all the rage, but let’s not forget about the flirty allure of short bob haircuts. Consider going for a chin-length bob that will accentuate your jawline and flatter your natural features.

3. Black Layered Bob Hairstyles with Curled Tips

Want to spice up your new bob? Think about getting choppy tips and curling them. This styling idea especially comes in handy if you have a formal event coming up. All the same, wear it on a day to day basis too.

4. Long Bob Hairstyles

Like we just said, long bobs have taken the hair scene by storm. Regardless of their texture, lobs represent a cute and attractive hairstyle that truly flatters almost any woman. African-American women can rock them with straight or curly weaves alike.

5. Soft Curls Bob Hairstyles with Weave

If you want to rock curls but without a natural texture, consider a weave hairstyle with softly curled locks. There’s no doubt that this is a chic and graceful look that’s sure to make your feminine side shine. Make the curls wider or narrower than in our example.

6. African-American Feathered Bob Hairstyles

Longing for a classy bob that will make you stand out through elegance? You should definitely consider feathered bob hairstyles for black women. Feathered layers not only add dynamism to your hairstyle but also refinement too.

7. Braided Bob Hairstyles

Braids are a beautiful way of expressing your culture through your appearance. Moreover, they look outstanding when styled in a bob shape. Even though this example showcases box braids, you can explore various braid styles to find your perfect fit.

8. Bob Hairstyles with Side Bangs

Side bangs are adorable, no matter what hairstyle you pick for the rest of your look. Although they have a youthful feel to them, they are by no means childish. In fact, side bangs can boost the eye-catching impact of your bob.

9. Bob Weave Hairstyles with Dreadlocks

Want a natural approach to your bob hairstyle, but not feeling curls at the moment? Dreadlocks are a wonderful idea for bringing your locks to life. You can get thin or thick dreadlocks or even ones that have a wavy texture, like in this shot.

10. Stacked Bob Haircut

If your trait of choice for your hairstyle is volume in abundance, stacked bobs can be a lifesaver. ‘Stacked’ actually refers to the cutting technique, with short layers piled one over the other for the voluminous results.

11. Weave Bob Hairstyles with Side Part

If you want to blend class with sass, you can change up your style with a side part. There are various ways you can rock one, either with long bangs or shorter ones. Also, you can create your part subtly to the side or you can go for a dramatic effect.

12. The Inverted Bob

The cutting angle is essential for any bob hairstyle. One technique that looks fantastic for women with any face shape is inverted. In addition, inverted bob hairstyles for black women work terrifically with short, side-swept bangs.

13. A-Line Bob Hairstyles

While we’re on this topic, another cutting method is this A-line look. Like you can guess, the silhouette follows the lines of a capital A. It starts shorter at the back and gets longer at the sides as you move towards the chin and shoulders.

14. Asymmetrical Sew In Bob Hairstyles

Not afraid to show off your outgoing personality? Then consider getting an asymmetrical bob with that sew-in. It’s a glamorous way to grab attention without going too over the top. The unevenness of your bob can vary, depending on how large you want the difference to be.

15. Weave Bob Hairstyles with Middle Part

In the past 2-3 years, the middle part bob has become one of the biggest hairstyle trends. Although bob hairstyles for black women with side parts are still very much in fashion, you may want to consider a middle part for your next makeover.

16. Bobs with Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are a phenomenal choice for a bob hairstyle that will truly stand out. The thick hair corkscrew curls that this styling method provides are sure to catch the eyes of all those around you. Furthermore, they can add volume and bounce to your hairstyle.

17. Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

While some ladies opt for asymmetrical, choppy, or layered bobs, you can choose a blunt alternative. We recommend this idea for women who want a straight, shiny, and sleek hairstyle. You should choose a longer bob cut for the perfect outcome.

18. Pixie Bob Hairstyles

Dare to go shorter than ever with a pixie bob haircut. To put it shortly, the hairstyle blends the idea of a pixie haircut and a short bob. It can also be worn as an outgrown pixie haircut, depending on the initial hairstyle.

19. Faux Locs Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

If you like the look and feel of dreadlocks but you’re not quite into getting traditional ones, you can go for faux locs. They’re also a terrific alternative for women who want tightly woven locks for their bob, especially if it’s with an inverted cut.

20. Asymmetrical Cut Blue Bob

An intense personality calls for a hairstyle that reflects it. Although some may consider shades like electric blue to be flashy, we warmly encourage women to do whatever they feel with their looks.
<h321″>21. Blunt Bangs and Bob Hairstyles

We’ve covered the blunt bob, but what about blunt bobs that also have blunt bangs? The two details come together for a harmonious and attitude-filled hairstyle. If you choose blunt bangs for your look, think about keeping them a bit longer.
<h322″>22. Purple Ombre Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Why not splash some color into your new hairstyle? We always encourage women to access their creativity when brainstorming their hairdos, and the same goes for bob hairstyles for black women. A purple ombre dye job is just what you need to add personality to a haircut.

23. Blonde Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

To continue our idea about the impact of color on hairstyles, let’s step into a brighter palette. While natural will always be an enchanting choice, you can also take a walk on the wild side with a vivid tone like this blonde.

24. Straight Bobs with Burgundy Highlights

Bob hairstyles for black women can be even more popping with some fresh highlights. Any colors work gorgeously for lightening bobs, but one of the hottest combos is this burgundy color with a black base. You can also get them using a balayage approach.

25. Senegalese Twist Bobs

To prove just how versatile braids are for bob hairstyles, here is another eye-catching example we’re sure you’ll adore. Senegalese twists are excellent not only for showing off your style but also for showcasing your roots.

26. Afro Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Another way to let your natural beauty glow is with an afro-shaped bob hairstyle. Your curls are stunning and you have every reason to let them bounce around wherever you go. As your locks naturally gain an afro contour, let it be the foundation for your hairstyle.

27. Red Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

One of the beauties of red as a potential hair color is the wide variety of tones it provides. For your bob hairstyle, you can try anything from cherry-red to the paler tone shown in this photo. Darker shades of red are also flattering for darker skin tones.

28. The Cleopatra Bob

Without a doubt, Cleopatra serves as one of the greatest sources of inspiration in terms of bobs with bangs. Whether you admire the historical figure the style is based on or you just love the way it looks, you have our full support for getting it.

29. Soft Wavy Bob Hairstyles

While some women are drawn to edgy hairstyles, others prefer a softer approach to their look. To convey warmth and innocence, try a bob haircut with soft layers and loose curls or wavy hair. Go for a middle part to complement this hairstyle.

30. Sisterlocks Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Aside from being a traditional hairstyle for women of African descent, braids look spectacular when paired with bob haircuts of all lengths.

31. Two-Tone Micro Braids in Bob

We’re thrilled when we come across hairstyles that combine multiple aspects we adore. This is a sleek braided bob with chic micro braids. Also, we’re charmed by the two-tone approach, as well as the textured layers.

32. Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Push your look to the edge by going for the prettiest choppy bob haircuts for black women. It’s undeniable that this take on a bob is pumped with attitude, all while remaining completely feminine.

33. Pastel Bob with Green-Tinted Tips

Want to feel like a fairy with your new hairstyle? Dip into the pastel color pool for an unforgettable appearance! Metallic and pastel colors and a mix of both open up a new world of opportunities for your look. From steel blue to lavender and more, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the selection.

34. Bridal Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

No matter if you have your own wedding coming up or just a highly formal event, this is the bob hairstyle you should try out. It’s incredibly chic and holds a sense of grace and natural beauty. The soft layers and waves top off the entire look.

35. The Bowl Bob Style

Awkward as the description of a bowl bob may seem at first, it actually works as the base of an artsy hairstyle. Inspired by catwalk styling, this unique hairstyle combines a bowl-like base with choppy edges and scattered honey hair highlights.

36. Retro Bob Hairstyles

Feel like you were born in the wrong era? Or are you simply head over heels in love with retro fashion? Your bob hairstyle can take on vintage glam as a starting point. With a far side part and gentle curls tossed to the side, you’ll get an old Hollywood vibe for sure.

37. Ashy Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Let’s get back to colors and just how fabulous this ash blonde color is for your hair, not to mention how trendy it is. The lightly inverted long bob looks astounding with the ashy tone – it will look especially good on women with warm skin tones.

38. Bob Hairstyles for Black Women with Shaved Side

The major difference in any situation will always be in the details. The same goes for hairstyles, and even more so with asymmetrical bobs. If you want your asymmetry to shine, experiment with a shaved down side.

39. Long Bobs with Shadow Roots

If you plan on rocking an ambitious color for your new hairstyle, here’s a tip that might come in handy. Ever since the rise of the balayage, dark roots are being worn by women everywhere. You can use this detail to make the transition from your natural color to your dyed one in a smooth way.

40. Tri-Color Bobs

So, we have covered the basics about coloring bobs to flatter your skin tone, but what about using more than one shade? For example, you can leave your roots in their natural color, gently blend from copper to silver, and finish it off with blue undertones.

41. Messy Bob Hairstyles

Convinced that a choppy bob is just what you need? You can proceed to think about how you can style it. Choppy bobs work the best when they’re slightly wavy, and even better when they’re styled messily.

42. Arched Bangs, Long Bobs

Kelly Rowland always slays with bangs, no matter if they’re blunt, side-swept bangs or, her most common look, arched. If a long bob style is your next haircut, then we encourage you to pair it with arched bangs, especially if you have an oval-shaped face.

43. Blunt and Angled Hairstyles

Not into rocking a hairstyle that you’ll see on every other girl? Use your imagination to make yours genuinely unique. Just an example is this intriguing asymmetrical mix with one blunt side and the other long and angled.

44. Bob Hairstyles for Black Women with Color Accents

If you want to bring some color to your bob hairstyle but without overdoing anything, think about getting some accents. You can easily obtain them through highlights or lowlights alike, preferably in a natural tone. Chocolate brown is an excellent way to go.

45. Undercut Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

There are numerous ways you can express yourself through your appearance. For example, over the past several years, undercuts have become more and more common among women. One of the coolest parts is that you can design your undercut with different patterns.

46. Bobs with Careless Curls

Not quite sure about going messy with your hairstyle? Well, this example has high chances of changing your mind. It’s as natural as bob hairstyles for black women get with those careless curls that flawlessly fall into place.

47. Girly Pink Hairstyles

When we think of ‘girly’, there’s no doubt that pink will come in mind. And what better way to boost this girly side we all have in us than with a pink hairstyle? Regardless if you opt for hot pink or a pastel cotton candy tone, we’ll be right here rooting for you!

3 Bob Styles According to the Face Shape

48. Bob Hairstyles for Black Women with Heart Shape Faces

As we continue towards the end of our list, we want to expand on bob hairstyles for black women based on the shape of their face. To begin with, this is the bob we recommend for heart-shaped faces. It increases the bob’s volume and makes the look even more dynamic.

49. Square Face Bob Hairstyles

If you have a square face shape, it means that your main features will be pretty sharp. To soften them and highlight the best points, opt for a longer inverted bob. You can choose to rock it with or without bangs. Just maintain the length and cutting style.

50. Bob Hairstyles for Black Women with Round Faces

It’s often difficult to find the ideal haircut based on face shape, even more so if your face is round. As opposed to softening your features, you will have to sharpen them up to reduce the circular effect of your face shape. A blunt bob is just what you need for this.