It’s almost funny how finding easy updos for medium hair isn’t all that simple at all.

Really, the internet is overflowing with hairstyle ideas, but we weren’t all born with the gift of braiding, twisting, pinning, and hair spraying our way to hairdo perfection.

1. Low Bun with Twisted Braids

To get this beautiful low bun, all you need is two hair ties, some bobby pins, hair spray and a bit of patience. The results are well worth it!

2. From Braid to Bun

In just six easy steps, you can transform a small braid into a gorgeous chignon that gently rests on the back of your neck.

3. Double Twisted Braid Bun

Go from pigtails to twisted braids to a lovely bun in a matter of minutes with one of our favorites from our easy updos for medium hair list.

4. Twisting an Updo

Good things come to those who twist! It helps if your hair is naturally wavy or curly for this pretty chignon.

5. French Braid Low Bun

Yet another one of the 9-step easy updos for medium hair involves gradually bringing your hair together into a complete French braid and then twisting left, right, and up.

6. Curly, Wavy, & Messy Bun

Curly gals will love this one. All you have to do is tie your hair half up, half down, and twist up and around.

7. The Three-Way Twist

If you’re looking for easy updos for medium hair, this is as simple as it gets. Simply tie your hair in three low ponytails and twist them around.

8. Classic & Classy Low Bun

For this classy and classic hairdo, twist the sides of your hair and bring them into a low ponytail. Wrap it up and close with a bobby pin. Voila!

9. High Bun with Double Braids

Start with the sides of your head, bring the rest of your hair up into a ponytail and then braid that too! Twist around the main braid for a super cute bun.

10. Back Braided Crown

Braid your hair in two, leaving the inner margins loose. Wrap left, wrap right, and the result is a magnificent chignon embraced by a braid.

11. Longer Ponytail

Are you in for an optical illusion? Get the long ponytail you have always dreamed about by first splitting your hair half up, half down and tying the two parts into separate ponytails. Let the top part fall on the lower one and enjoy your super long pony!

12. Elegantly Curled Bun

You’ll need a curling iron for these kinds of easy updos for medium hair. Follow the nine steps illustrated in the photo above to get a fabulous loose bun fit for a wedding!

13. Braided Bohemian Updo

Boho chic anyone? Braid your hair in four and wrap them all around for a fresh bohemian look.

14. Triple Braid Bun

This is similar to the three-way twist, just that you also braid the mini ponytails before twisting them into buns. Don’t forget your bobby pins!

15. Linked Updo

Start from the top of your head and knot your way down to the base of your neck for a truly unique linked braid.

16. Afro Faux Hawk

If you’re lucky enough to have afro hair, all you have to do is comb it up to the top of your head and pack in pins all around for the ultimate curly faux hawk.

17. Blossoming Bow

We all love hair bows, but you can make yours even more interesting than a traditional one. After you have the bow in place, gently twist the sides until it beautifully blossoms open.

18. Classic Messy Bun

Get a hair tie, bend your neck down, grab all your hair and casually twist it into a bun. That’s all you have to do to get the perfect messy bun.

19. Connected Ponytail

A funky approach to the classic ponytail, this hairstyle involves parting your hair horizontally in three and then adding a hair tie every few inches.

20. Double Side Twists Bun

Part your hair in two and twist both sides together into a cute little double bun.

21. Sophisticated Updo

Bring on the hairspray! Spend some time gently pinning your hair up into a loose, classy bun and then use hair spray in abundance to hold it in place.

22. Loose French Braid Bun

Begin with a loose French braid at the top of your head and then add a hair tie for a cool and eye-catching loose bun.

23. French Braid Ponytail

The steps are almost the same for these easy updos for medium hair, just that you wrap your hair in a ponytail at the end instead of a bun.

24. Loose Curly Bun

Use pins to bring your wavy locks together into this messy-but-fancy bun. Don’t forget to leave a few loose strands on the sides of your face for a lovely effect.

25. Linked Crown Low Bun

Instead of styling your hair into a low bun with a braided crown, link the top part together for an original approach.

26. Side Wrap Bun

27. Double Headband

After you get your perfect messy bun together, add a personal touch with a cool double headband.

28. Classic French Braid

Everyone knows about the classic French braid, but how on earth do you really make it? This 9-step guide shows how easy-peasy it really is!

29. Side Chignon

Why settle for the norm when you can give a classic chignon a twist? Instead of keeping it straight down, turn it to the side a bit.

30. Bun & Bow

Is there any way to make a bohemian bun even more adorable? Surprisingly, yes! Add a big bow in your favorite color and you’ll look as if you came straight out of a fairytale.

31. Half Up Half Down with Braid Crown

One of the easy updos for medium hair you can try out any time is braiding two bigger strands on each side and bringing them together for a cute half up, half down look.

32. Upper Side Fishtail

A well-braided fishtail can go a long way for easy updos for medium hair.

33. Curly Side Chignon

Another way to style a side chignon is by curling your hair beforehand. It’s even better if your hair is naturally wavy or curly.

34. Swept Up Bun

Another glamorous wedding bun is this swept up style. Pin up a loose bun and sweep up the sides.

35. Twisted Chignon with Accessories

Twist your way to a chignon and add your favorite hairpins.

36. Perfect Wedding Updo

This curly bun is the long wedding updo you’ve been dreaming of!

37. Side Braid Ponytail

Braid a bit of your hair to the side and bring the rest up into a ponytail.

38. Braid Over Chignon

Pin in a loose chignon and wrap a braid around the top.

39. Loose French Braid High Ponytail

Loosen up your top French braid and end it in a high ponytail.

40. Casual Ponytail with Bangs

What you see is what you get, ladies!

41. Puffed Up Ponytail

Puff up your ponytail with a comb and hair spray.

42. Big Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

Tie your hair in a half up, half down ponytail and start teasing.

43. Soft Half, Up Half Down Ponytail

This is the classic version of the half up and half down ponytail.

44. Messy Ponytail

Don’t be afraid to get messy with your ponytails.

45. Puffy Afro Faux Hawk

Bring your hair up into a faux hawk and tease away!

46. Half Up, Half Down Twist

After parting your hair half up and half down, twist the end into a bun.

47. Bandana Ponytail

Add a bandana to your ponytail for a fresh and edgy look.

48. Pin Up Ponytail

Wrap your ponytail with a ribbon and curl every remaining strand. You’ll get the perfect pin up look in no time!

49. Half Up, Half Down Bun

Braid both sides into a half up and half down bun.

50. Braid Up Bun

Start with a French braid and end up with a fab twist to a classic bun.

51. Double Braid Crown

Double your crown with a traditional crown braid and a fishtail braid. The result is simply gorgeous!

52. Braid Wrap Around Crown Bun

Go for a big bun and surround it with a thick braid.

53. Half Up, Half Down Fishtail Braid

Braid the top part of your half up, half down hairstyle into an adorable fishtail.

54. Curly Braid Down Bun

Make the most of your curls with this loose braided bun.

55. Braided Updo with Flowers

Add some small flowers to your braided updo for enhanced femininity. You can sport this fairy-like look at a wedding, a festival, while going out, or just basically anywhere!

56. Wrap Around Twist Crown

Create a wraparound crown with any braids you like.

57. Double Braided Up Pigtails

French braid your pigtails up into small buns. The shaved undercut is optional, of course.

58. Hair Flower Crown

Get creative with your braided half up, half down with a beautiful flower design.

59. Top French Braid

Try stopping your French braid when you get to the top and let the rest of your hair flow freely.
60. Half Up, Half Down with Two Braids

Connect two side braids into one of the princess-like easy updos for medium hair.