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Cute Prom Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair


Finding options when it comes to for shoulder length hair can be tricky. Unlike girls with medium length or long hair, shoulder length hair limits the possibilities when it comes to formal occasions like proms and weddings. But these limitations can be overcome with some creative thinking.

Celebrity Shoulder Length Hairstyles

A good starting point is to check out what celebrities with shoulder length hairdo. After all, they are always donning fancy dresses to attend movie openings, award ceremonies, and other formal events. Celebrities often choose a sleek, slicked back hair style for these events. These styles are elegant, and they put the emphasis on the beautiful dress and accessories. When you consider that you’ll probably be doing a lot of dancing and running around at your prom, this kind of shoulder length hair style is ideal. It holds up well and requires very little maintenance, unlike some of those elaborate updos the girls with longer hair choose for prom night.

Popular Prom Hairstyles

If slicked back hair just isn’t for you, you have a couple of other options with shoulder length hair. A lot of girls like the contrasted look of straight, flat hair up front and fluffed, curly hair in back. This adds volume and depth while still remaining elegant. It’s a bit harder to keep fresh throughout that long prom night and all its activities, but still a very manageable style for shoulder length hair.

A popular prom style for girls with shoulder length hair that borders on being medium length is the tousled look show here. It does require thicker hair and a bit of work to achieve, but it’s ultra-sexy and sure to be a big hit. High maintenance, but probably worth the effort for all the ‘Wow!’ comments thrown your way.

Prom Hair Accessories

Shoulder length style haircuts tend to focus more attention on a woman’s facial features, so getting a style that blends nicely with the overall shape of your face is the key. Be sure to get your stylist’s input on this. If you don’t want to mess with an entirely new shoulder length style for prom, try incorporating some hair jewelry. Small decorative pins and flowery clips can be used to accent your normal style. Prom hair doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be beautiful!

Cute for Shoulder Length Hair

The prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Choosing prom hair styles for shoulder length hair can be more challenging than for girls with longer hair, no doubt about it. The key to pulling off a successful and memorable look on prom night is to try on several styles first! Look online, check out fashion and beauty mags, and by all means get your stylist’s input. Once you have a shoulder length list of possible hair styles, nothing beats actually seeing them on your own head of hair. When you find “the one,” you won’t have to guess how good your prom hairstyle for shoulder length hair will look come prom night.

Gallery of cute prom hairstyles:

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