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Dutch braid hairstyles tutorial


The Dutch braid, or the inside out French braid, as you might guess is another version of the popular French braid, with a slightly different finished look.

There are a lot of hairstyles based on this braid, but we will start by learning how to do it. If you already know how to do the French braid, then it is going to be easy for you.

Dutch Braid Tutorial

How to do a Dutch braid – Step by step:

Step 1 – Prepare your hair
Prepare your hair by brushing and getting rid of any tangles

Step 2 – Section your hair
Grab the top centre section of your hair and divide it into three parts. Let the rest of your hair free.

Step 3 – Start braiding
Like in a regular braid, you need three parts to braid, and you do it by crossing the external hairpieces over the middle one. The difference with the Dutch braid is that you need to cross the external parts under the middle part, each time, and not above!

Step 4 – Continue braiding
As you go, add new hairpieces from your free hair to the external parts, and continue by braiding crossing the new formed hairpieces under the central part.
Continue like this until you reach the bottom. Make sure all your hair has been grabbed into the braid.

Step 5 – Finish your braid
You can finish your braid here, or you can continue braiding inside out (crossing the parts under the middle) until you reach the length of your hair. In both cases, tie your hair when you are done. A very chic option, if you decided not to braid to the end is to twist the rest of your hair into a messy bun, to obtain one type o braid bun.

Dutch braid hairstyles tutorial

Braided Hairstyles Dutch braid hairstyles tutorial


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