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Easy braid crown hair tutorial


One of the most popular and well known braided buns, the crown braid is also one of the easiest to do.

The tutorial below is a simple tool to teach you step by step how to style a classic crown. If you already know how to braid, then there is nothing easier.

Braided Hairstyles Easy braid crown hair tutorial

Crown Braid Tutorial

How to do a crown braid – Step by step

Step 1
Divide all your into two equal parts, with a path right in the middle of your head. Separate the sides using a hairclip.

Step 2
Take the first section, and start with a simple braid: For this, you have to section this hairpiece into three equal parts, and do a regular braid, by crossing each of them over the other, until you reach the end.

Step 3
Take the second section and start braiding, using the same method as above.
Don’t forget to tie each of the braids as you finish. Now you have a two side simple braid.

Step 4
Take each of your braids, and cross them over your head to obtain a crown. Use hairpins to secure the crown braid to your head.

You can play with this style and try different types of braids, like the French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braid or even rope braid, following the same steps.

Braided Hairstyles Easy braid crown hair tutorial

How to do a simple crown from a side braid:

Another simple way to make a crown if you have long is by creating a side braid. Once it’s finished rolling it over your hair, secure with hairpins.

For an even better effect, make a French or a Dutch side braid: you can start to braid from one side, going over the top of your head and then continue to the bottom. When you finish the braid position it like a crown around your hair. Use some hairpins to fix the crown.

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