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French braid hairstyle for long hair


The French braid is a very easy to do and yet a very sophisticated style. This step by step tutorial will teach you how to obtain the classic French braid, in the easiest way.

French Braid Tutorial:

How to do the French Braid – Step by step

Step 1
To begin, carefully brush all your hair down.

Step 2
Take a small hairpiece from the top-center of your head and catch it into a ponytail using an elastic band.

Step 3
Like in a regular braid, to start you need 3 parts of hair. Take another two small pieces of your hair, one from the left and one from the right side, and cross each of them over the main section once. This should be done exactly like you start a simple braid.

Step 4
Then, add a new piece of hair to each section while you continue to braid.

Step 5
Continue braiding, each time adding a new part of hair until you arrive at the bottom of your head. Make sure all your hairpieces have been attached.

Step 6
Now, you can either finish your braid and tie your hair…

Step 7
… or continue with a regular braid. To end, tie your hair with an elastic.

The elastic band on the top is optional, to make the process easier, and to help the braid last longer. If you want, you can cut it down after you finish, or you can hide it as shown in the video tutorial bellow.
Additionally, you can simply start the braid by taking three small sections of hair from the top-center of your head, and then continue with step 3.

French braid hairstyle for long hair

Braided Hairstyles French braid hairstyle for long hair


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