The goddess braid is a more modern and eccentric version of the African braids. It combines many types of braids. Technically, it is an oversized version of the cornrows looking more like a crown braid or sometimes like a side braid. It is most of the time asymmetrical and it requires more imagination than patience.

How to do the goddess braids

1. How to braid:
In fact, to be able to do the goddess braids what you need to know is how to braid the cornrows.

French braid or Dutch braid can work as well.

2. Section your hair
Then, you need to know how to section the hair and also to position the rows. Compared with the cornrows they are going to be big rows, most of the time asymmetrically positioned.

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Goddess Braids – The Crown Version:

1. Section your hair
If you want your goddess braid to look like a crown you need to section the top front of your head making a side path in your hair (here you are going to start the crown)and brush your hair to the other side. Before you start you can use some hair gel a hair cream to your edges.

2. Start a crown over the top of your head
You will start working from one side up to the other side. Take a small hairpiece, section it in three and start braiding, going over your head. As you go, attach more hairpieces to your braid.

When you reach the other side you will continue going down until you reach the bottom-middle of your head. From here you finish it like a regular braid, in a tail. Secure with an elastic band.

3. Continue you crown at the bottom of your hear
Then, you go on the other side and you start braiding in the opposite direction to continue your crown, using the left portion of your hair. This time you are going down until you reach the middle again. Like before, finish with a tail and tie.

4. Finish the crown
At this point you will have two plaits meeting each other. Pass them one over the other to end the crown. Secure with hair clips.

Note* To learn how to perform the braid watch the Dutch braid tutorial, the cornrows tutorial ot the French braid tutorial.

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