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Loose Braid: The New Trend


Braids are not just for schoolgirls anymore! Young women are finding loose braids set off their increasingly casual outfits.

As fashion becomes increasingly casual, they have found the perfect place as an accent. A growing number of women are arranging their in braids. The most preferred style on the street is the loose braid. This braided hairdo looks youthful and imparts a soft impression. Some are taking up the braided look at the office.

It is a perfect way to keep your neck and shoulders cool during the summer and you will love the simplicity and the sophisticated ease of braided hair. It is natural and cute and it softens your appearance.

Braided Hairstyles Loose Braid: The New Trend

The braid craze was ignited by last years’ fashion collections. Many of the runway models were sporting tight braids that created patterns on their heads.

The braids appeared as accessories to the Bohemian or ethnic costume style.

The style happened to segue perfectly with the current trendy look known as adult cute.

Being now very popular on the street fashion the braids come slightly different from the tighter ones witnessed on the runways. The two characteristics women commonly want in their braided look are looseness and casualness.

Braided accessories like hairband or hair extensions might perfectly complete your look, both on the stage or on the street.

Women are also beginning to ask for loose braids at hair salons. The most commonly requested styles are side braids or back braids, which are meant more as accents but they are popular for weddings and receptions as well. As fashion becomes more casual, there is less definition between regular and formal outings. In this sense, braids are favored for their humble appeal.

Loose braids are not simply fashion dictates – they create a feminine aura. Women want to look cute, but they realize they are not little girls anymore. If they don’t make the braids loose, they’ll look like they are trying too hard. The looseness signifies an attitude that’s more relaxed.

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