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Mohawk braids hairstyles 2018


The Mohawk braids are any type of braids used to create the Mohawk look.

It usually goes best with cornrows but you will see many type of braids combined with this hairstyle.

Basically in the Mohawk hairstyle both sides of the head are shaved, and the central part of the hair is styled up (like a cockscomb). The Mohawk braids are different, the lateral side being braided instead of being shaved, creating the illusion of shaving. The central part of the hair can also be braided or styled differently, depending on its length and texture.

Braided Mohawk Tutorial

Cornrows braids for a Mohawk look:

The next tutorial will show you how to obtain a Mohawk look with cornrows for natural black hair.

If you need to practice more you can have a look on how to do cornrows – a step by step tutorial.

Mohawk Rope Braids:

As we said, you can use any type of braiding to have a Mohawk look. Here are the rope braids transformed into a Mohawk style – very easy and creative.


Mohawk braids hairstyles 2018 of gallery

Braided Hairstyles Mohawk braids hairstyles 2018


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    The guy who used her picture and copied her likeness is name Abhishek Karmakar, and I bet he isn’t paying her a dime for it either. He works for Boulder Films. He used her image and likeness in his 3D software to get a check from Pixar, which is a billion dollar company.

    Do you know her?


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