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Rope braid hairstyles step by step


Very beautiful and simple to do, the rope braid can only be the subject of your fantasy when it comes to hair styling. Like the fishtail braid, it is perhaps one of the easiest braids to do.

Basically, the rope braid is the over-sized version of the twist braids, the main difference is that you are not twisting small individual braids but a normal tail, using all your hair.

Braided Hairstyles Rope braid hairstyles step by step

How to make a rope braid

To make a rope braid you only need to follow three simple steps:

1. Choose a style
First, you have to choose what type of rope you want to make to know were to start.

For example to make a ponytail rope or a side rope you will work with all your hair. If you are going to do two plaits rope, first you separate the two side parts of your hair and you will start working with one side. For a French braid rope you will start working with the upper part of your hair (see bellow the video tutorial)

Note* In all the cases you can first tie the hairpiece you are going to braid to make it easier for you. At the end, you can leave the elastic band or cut it down.

2. Separate the hair
Grab the part of the hair you want to braid and then separate it into two equal parts.

3. Twist
Start twisting each of them in the opposite direction and twist them together in a rope. Have a look at the videos to better understand the process. To end, secure the tail with an elastic band.

In the video tutorials below you will see some beautiful ways of wearing the rope braid, a simple side rope, the ponytail rope and the French rope braid. Enjoy!

Rope braid hairstyles of gallery

Braided Hairstyles Rope braid hairstyles step by step


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