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Tree braids hairstyles 2018


If you love cornrows or individual braids, but you consider them too exotic for work, then the tree braids are the perfect way to have both, a leisure and a business style at the same time. And you are also changing the texture of your hair helping it look good every day.

What are tree braids?

It is the name of a braiding technique for natural black hair that uses hair extensions designed to cover the braids and to add extra texture to the hair.

There are two different types of tree braids: the cornrows tree braids and individual tree braids. They both use the same technique – as you braid you leave out a small strand of hair each time you are twisting. These hairpieces are going to cover your braids. You can control their size and texture.

The video tutorials below will show you how to perform the cornrows tree braids. You may need first to see How to do the cornrows, a step by step tutorial, where we also included a cornrows with extensions tutorial.

Tree braids hairstyles 2018

Braided Hairstyles Tree braids hairstyles 2018


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