Vintage french 2018 women trends. With plaited You can bring your hair beautiful in form. A French braid is a classic and fits almost any outfit. With a little practice you quickly get the hang of.

Ein französischer Zopf wirkt klassisch und edel, ohne Sie overdressed aussehen zu lassen. Weil er jedoch zu den gehört, die hinter dem Kopf geflochten werden, ist ein wenig Fingerspitzengefühl gefragt.

How to French Plait Styles

Comb thoroughly, thus, the individual strands separate well later your hair. Share from the front forehead, unless you have a short Pony – Pony makers begin with the section of hair directly behind the pony. Divide the hair into three strands strand and begin braiding by first insert the left strand of hair over the middle and then the right over the middle. Repeat this and you now take the following ever/ time a thin strand of hair remaining deck to the outer strands should, before placing them over the middle